About the Kingwood Kowboy:

Larry W Jones is a songwriter, having penned over 7,700 song lyrics. Published in 22 volumes of island themed, country, cowboy, western and bluegrass songs. The entire assemblage is the world’s largest collection of lyrics written by an individual songwriter. As a wrangler on the “Great American Horse Drive”, at age 68, he assisted in driving 800 half-wild horses 62 miles in two days, from Winter pasture grounds in far NW Colorado to the Big Gulch Ranch outside of Craig Colorado. His book, “The Oldest Greenhorn”, chronicles the adventures and perils in earning the “Gate-to-Gate” trophy belt buckle the hard way.
Other books published by Larry W Jones: A Squirrel Named Julie and The Fox Ridge Fox | The Painting Of A Dream | The Boy With Green Thumbs and The Wild Tree Man | Red Cloud – Chief Of the Sioux\ Spotted Tail – The Orphan Negotiator |Little Crow – The Fur Trapper’s Patron | Chief Gall – The Strategist | Crazy Horse – The Vision Quest Warrior | Sitting Bull – The Powder River Power | Rain-In-The-Face – The Setting Sun Brave | Two Strike – The Lakota Club Fighter | Chief American Horse – The Oglala Councilor | Chief Dull Knife – The Sharp-Witted Cheyenne | Chief Joseph – Retreat From Grande Ronde | The Oregon Trail Orphans | Kids In Bloom Volume 1 | Kids In Bloom Volume 2 | Kids Animal Pals Volume 1 | Kids Animal Pals Volume 2 | Bird Kids Volume 1 | Bird Kids Volume 2 | Garden Kids Volume 1 | Garden Kids Volume 2 | Folklore Of Jackson Hole | Henny Penny Meets Chicken Little | Delightful Stories For Children | The 1825 Voyage Of HMS Blonde | Illustrated Stories For Young Children | Sea Sagas – Perilous Voyages | Songbirds And Their Stories | The Jungle Book – Mowgli’s Brothers | The Jungle Book – Kaa’s Hunting | The Jungle Book – Tiger! Tiger! | The Jungle Book – The White Seal | The Jungle Book – Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | The Jungle Book – Toomai of the Elephants | The Jungle Book – Her Majesty’s Servants | The Oldest Greenhorn – Second Edition | Life On The Mississippi | Songs Of The Seas | Treasure Island | The Wind In The Willows | Alice In Wonderland | Peter Rabbit | The Secret Garden | Heidi | Cynthia Ann Parker – Comanche Bride | Black Beauty | The Call Of the Wild | Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit
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